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In the last years, the strive for achieving the perfect smile has established aestheticism as the main part of dentistry. Even if you are not sure which the right choice for you is, among the multitude of methods to improve your smile such as whitening agents, implants, restorative materials or incrustations, at Estetica we will offer you the most effective method in view of your individual needs in order to give you the confidence from the beautiful smile. Here are some of our most popular procedures:

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Obturation (filling)

1234There is hardly anyone who has not undergone this procedure. Obturation is the most popular method of caries treatment, and the materials from which it can be made vary from amalgam – the most affordable, but also the least aesthetic material, to chemical polymer, photopolymer and ceramic inlay. The photopolymer materials are popular as they are not only aesthetic, but also wear-resistant and easy to process. With a view to achieving an aesthetic and long-lasting effect, they are used to restore even a number of cavities in the frontal area. At Estetica, we work with last-generation photopolymers and implement layerwise application of the material, which allows us to use a combination of the different colours of the individual layers. Owing to this method, we achieve the possibly most natural effect. The photopolymer filling has proven durable in time and meets all individual needs in terms of both function and aestheticism.


In the event of caries, the aim is not only to treat the tooth, but also to do this in such a manner that the filling stays unnoticed. The requirements for aestheticism are especially in case of compromised front teeth, and that is why we use restoration techniques and procedure which are in line with the patient’s individual needs. One such procedure is bonding. It comprises layerwise application of high-quality photopolymer on the compromised tooth, which allows for the modelling, shaping and polishing of the composite in a manner which best adapts to the rest of the tooth and to the neighbouring teeth. To this end, the used photopolymer must be of high grade and contain various pigments that correspond to the colour of the tooth and have a different degree of transparency. To achieve the possibly most aesthetic results in terms of colour and transparency, several layers of different nuances of photo composite and special effects are normally used. It is of utmost importance for the achievement of aesthetic results is the property of the photopolymer to be polished until shiny. This procedure is often used for patients with cavities in the front teeth, broken front teeth or if necessary to extend or adjust the cutting edge. Our team of dentists also applies it successfully to cover defects in case of gum recession and closure of interdental spaces, making our patients regain their confidence and self-assurance to smile again.

Adhesive bridges

The traditional methods of replacement of missing teeth comprise a bridge structure, in which the two neighbouring teeth are filed, or the placement of an implant. We offer a minimally invasive alternative that is much more sparing and excludes both the loss of dental hard tissue in case of teeth filing and surgical intervention in the event of placement of an implant. This technology preserves maximum amount of dental tissue and ensures the sturdiness of the very structure, enabling it to last longer in time. Another major advantage of adhesive bridges is that unlike the traditional methods they do not require several visits, which would increase the final price. With only one visit to your dentist of several hours, you will enjoy a restored tooth, and the price is considerably lower compared to the other methods of restoration.

Teeth whitening

123Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure in which oxygen free radicals from the active substance implement oxidation, and hence discolouration of various deposits in the tooth enamel. There are two main whitening methods, depending on whether it is performed in the dentist’s surgery (clinic-based) or at home (home-based). The difference between the two types consists in the concentration of the whitening gel which is used, leading to the difference in the duration of the procedure. In the event of clinic-based whitening, agents with a very high concentration are used and this allows us to achieve the desired effect with one or two visits to the dentist’s. In case of home-based whitening, within one visit the dental surgeon takes impressions of the two jaws. Individual silicon braces are manufactured after them, in which the whitening gel is filled. Depending on its concentration, the procedure can have a different duration (10-14 days) an be performed during the day or at night while you sleep.

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