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A new discipline has entirely changed the way in which the defects of the tooth rows were treated recently. In dental implantology, a titanium screw replacing the root is put in the place of a missing tooth. It is necessary to wait for some time for the implant to achieve bone integration (approximately six months), so that a titanium superstructure could be built on it. A crown is placed on top of it, restoring entirely the missing tooth. This type of treatment has a success rate of 95% and allows the preservation of the height of the bone without compromising the neighbouring teeth like in bridge structures.

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The best contemporary methods of implanting in Varna

312312Dental implants are designed to replace the root of a missing tooth (or a group of teeth), on which the following are fixed at a later stage as a fixed structure: single crowns, a block of crowns or a removable plate denture.
The most common cases in which implants are integrated include the loss of one or several teeth, avoidance of removable dentures or, simply put, attachment of a denture. An also common case involves the patient’s unwillingness to have their healthy teeth filed in order to make and attach a bridge denture. Implantology is also applied in the cases where a denture has already been made but cannot be retained in a quality manner or where the patient demonstrates intolerance and impossibility to wear partial or complete dentures. To prescribe treatment, it is necessary to conduct an initial examination. Book an appointment for free or contact us on + 359 889 929 441. We look forward to your visit!

Painless tooth extraction with the surgical procedures at Estetica

31233123224At Estetica dental clinic, you can seek help regarding the various oral formations such as lesions, abscesses, and cysts. Our experienced and qualified dental surgeons will also help you in the event you need to have different teeth, roots, and impacted and semi-impacted wisdom teeth extracted.
Unfortunately, sometimes even the best dentist and quality treatment cannot restore a tooth and it is necessary to extract it. Although it has become a synonym of an unpleasant experience, the tooth extraction can actually run easily and without the painful complications typically associated with it. For the sake of your comfort, the procedure is conducted under local anaesthesia, so the only thing you feel is slight pressure. Some cases may require an X-ray photograph to identify more precisely the condition of the tooth and the roots, as well as to prescribe additional tests in the event of allergy. Our team always takes care of all aspects of a successful and painless procedure. In our clinic, you can also receive advice and individual plan for placement of an implant which will replace the missing tooth.

Extraction of impacted teeth

The extraction of an impacted tooth differs from the standardното tooth extraction. An impacted tooth is one that has remained in the bone and is often located in an incorrect position (horizontally). All teeth can become impacted, but most often it is necessary to extract the lower wisdom teeth surgically. The nature of the operation is identical for all other impacted teeth. In it, it is necessary to conduct a radiography test to perform the operation in possibly the most precise manner.

Sinus lift

Sinus lift is a preliminary surgical preparation when there is not enough bone volume in the area of upper masticatory teeth to place even the shortest of implants. The team of Estetica dental clinic performs a preliminary estimation, which includes computer-aided tomography. This 3D medical imaging allows the precise measurement of the height and width of the existing bone and the identification of the status of the sinus. This three-dimensional examination of the sinus helps the decision on the most appropriate method in the particular case. Based on these data, we also decide on the type of bone graft we will use. To our patients, we recommend the methods that combine in themselves the advantages of the open and closed sinus lift, in order to avoid any disturbances in the blood supply to the section under operation and to reduce the risk of infection. These methods do not require additional foreign bone material, as local, own bone is used. Naturally, it has faster regeneration, which also means that the time required for recovery is shortened, and the facial oedema and swelling are reduced.

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