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Our team of specialists offers preventive and prophylactic services and tracking the development of the child’s teeth, which enables us to cope with the problems before they occur. To reach the young patients with the right advice on hygiene and eating, we will hold health trainings for children and parents.

In 21st century, there is no doubt that a large part of the children’s diseases can be avoided through prophylaxis. The last decades have revealed a tendency towards an abrupt decrease in the age limit for the occurrence of caries. In children born after 2000, and especially in the last 10 years, the first cavities occurred at about 3 – 3.5 years of age. Having in mind how difficult the treatment at this age can be because of the children’s behaviour, the best piece of advice to the parents is regular prophylaxis, good oral hygiene, nutrition education and introduction to a paediatric dentist as early as the first year after the birth. You can rely on the specialists at Estetica dental clinic for the beautiful and radiant smiles of your children.

In our clinic, we perform remineralisation therapy for correcting the inappropriate mineralisation of the crystal structure of the enamel. If you notice white stains on the child’s teeth, seek a specialist’s advice. In our clinic, you will find professional approach and the highest quality materials from the latest generation for treating the compromised teeth and preventing the occurrence of caries. In the event of developed deep cavities close to the dental pulp, we suggest administering a biological treatment – an alternative to the devitalisation of the teeth with deep cavities, which yields better results in young patients, because in them the regenerative properties of the pulp cells are greater. A key element here is again the maintenance of good oral hygiene.

Obturation of deciduous teeth

In the treatment of children’s teeth there are several peculiarities caused by the differences between permanent and primary teeth. We are experienced in the treatment of the nerve of the deciduous tooth and use of obturation material so as to implement the procedure with the best results, despite even the unforeseeable children’s reactions.

Extraction of a deciduous tooth

Our specialists demonstrate the necessary careful approach in the extraction of children’s teeth in view of the development of the permanent ones. When extracting a deciduous tooth, there is a risk of damaging the tooth germ of the permanent tooth together with the compromised primary one, and that is why we advise you not to undertake the extraction of a milky tooth alone but seek professional assistant from a dentist, who will carry out the procedure preserving the germ of the new tooth.


Silanisation prevents the damage to the tooth in the fissures when they are so narrow and deep that the brush cannot penetrate them and remove the dental plaque, which is also the most common reason for caries. Silanisation applies most successfully up to two years after the eruption and lasts for several years. The procedure is short and painless, as well as affordable.

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