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Prosthetics is a part of dental medicine dedicated to the restoration of the masticatory system and achieving aesthetics in the event of:

  • defects of the tooth crown,
  • loss of one or more teeth,
  • pathological dental abrasion.

In our clinic, we offer specialised solutions to all your needs, employing the latest methods and materials with proven effectiveness.

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The right crowns or bridges for you

dasdaThe crowns are produced in the event of significant disintegration of the hard tooth tissues, which encompass the rest of the tooth tissues tightly and protect them from additional damage. They are also placed for aesthetic considerations such as tooth colouration and incorrect shape and position of the tooth in the dental arch. Bridges are fixed dentures attached to adjacent abutments, which are place in the event of lack of several teeth. At Estetica dental clinic, we offer you several types of crowns depending on the material from which they are produced:

Zirconia crowns

They are made of zirconium dioxide – a material with high mechanical and chemical stability, which is also used in small bridges and inlays. Due to its density and opacity, zirconium dioxide can be used in its pure form only in the event of correction of the posterior teeth. For the front teeth, crowns with zirconia core and aesthetic porcelain veneer are preferred. The main advantage of zirconium dioxide is its resistance to fractures. In this respect, it excels the other ceramics.

Pressed ceramic

It is produced in a vacuum environment by spraying molten ceramic mass into a preliminarily manufactured mould. This technology ensures the production of dentures with high compressive strength. As the torsional strength is not very high, the technology is not suitable for production of bridges. Pressed ceramic is used to make dentures with a very small thickness – even under 0.5 mm for minimum tooth filing. Due to the lack of any metal, the pressed ceramic offers excellent aesthetics.

Metal ceramic crowns

The most common crowns in the dental practice. They comprise a metal base and a surface ceramic layer and offer a combination of high aesthetics, durability and affordable price. Metal ceramic crowns are more durable and resistant than ceramic crowns; they preserve their fitness for many years, but at the same time achieve high aesthetics, which means they can be used to restore both anterior and posterior teeth. The metal fits tight to the filed tooth and provides good protection. The price of metal ceramic crowns is lower compared to the price of the rest of the aesthetic crowns.

Ceramic blend

They comprise crowns of metal which have ceramic cover only on the front surfaces of the teeth, visible when smiling. They are an affordable option, which is preferred when aesthetics is not the main demanded effect. In terms of their other properties, they do not differ from metal ceramic crowns. Traditionally, the blended crowns are made of metal and plastic, but as plastic changes its colour and mechanical properties after a long stay in the mouth, blended metal ceramic crowns are already produced instead of them, and they have a slightly higher price but are much more aesthetic and durable.

You need facets for a perfect smile?

Facets are used to correct the aesthetic imperfections on the visible part of the tooth. They comprise fine porcelain structure in the form of a scale with a thickness between 0.3 – 0.5 mm, which is glued on top of the tooth and corrects breakage, colourations and gaps in the dental row. With them, you can achieve a beautiful smile in the long-term plan, as the material is wear-resistant and not affected by pigments.

Estetica dental clinic – the most appropriate dentures for you!

The dentures, also known as “artificial teeth”, are fitted in the mouth to restore missing teeth when there are not enough teeth to make a bridge. They can be supported by the other teeth or in the lack of any, by the soft tissues or implants.

Elastic dentures

They are made of special silicone, with no unaesthetic metal clasps. Due to their elasticity, these dentures endure extreme loads. Moreover, they are aesthetic and antiallergic, helping you regain your comfort and self-confidence.

Post dentures

Acrylic or post dentures are hard and made of acrylic plastic. It consists of two components: a polymer and a monomer. In our clinic, we work with innovative systems for possibly the most precise blending of the powder and the liquid in order to make the most appropriate and durable partial or complete dentures for you.

Model-cast dentures

This type of dentures achieves precision due to the fact that the metal base, as well as the clasps, are cast as a carbon copy of a wax-up. They spare the adjacent teeth at the moment of attachment, as they do not require any filing. This type of dentures fit the gums and the teeth perfectly and ensure stability and security when eating.

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