What is Periodontology?

This is the part of dentistry that is oriented towards maintenance of the health and treatment of all tissues in the mouth – gums, bones, periodontium, as well as the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. That is why it is a compulsory stage of the contemporary dental medicine. At Estetica dental clinic, our main goal, above all, is to provide you with effective treatment, timely prophylaxis and prevention, as well as regular care for your oral hygiene. The combination of all these processes guarantees the health of the periodontium. In the event of an already developed disease – periodontitis or gingivitis, we will help you with individual and adequate treatment in order to restore the oral health and protect your teeth.

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Which patients should visit a periodontologist?

Even if there are still no manifested symptoms, the visit to periodontologist is necessary for every patient with a view of the care for their own health. During the initial visit to our clinic and after conducting an examination, we will prepare an individual plan according to the objective status of the oral cavity. If no disease has occurred, we will help you continue maintaining your health with specific recommendations regarding your oral hygiene. You can also rely on your periodontologist at Estetica dental clinic for guidance on the frequency and nature of the necessary prophylaxis, in order to prevent the development of a disease in the future. If the examination establishes some disease, we will prepare for you an individual treatment plan, through which we will gain command of and stop the process as fast and as effectively as possible.

What is gingivitis?

An inflammation of the gums, from which about 80% of the Bulgarians suffer. Its course is rarely painful and normally the first symptoms which the patients notice are bleeding when brushing the teeth, swollen or red gums, sometimes pain in the gums and bad breath. Each inflammation of the gums continuing for more than a week is considered by the dentists to be gingivitis, which, if not treated, can lead to periodontitis and loss of teeth. The good news is that gingivitis is the first and most initial phase of the periodontal disease and is completely curable.

What is periodontitis?

A much worse scenario and a more serious diagnosis. With no administered treatment, the gum recedes and exposes the neck of the tooth. Toothache and unpleasant breath occur. The untreated chronic inflammations can even lead to accumulation of pus under the gum or affect the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. However, there is no need to despair, as periodontitis is also a curable disease. It, however, should not be postponed in any case. It is a fact, although a little frightening, that the untreated periodontitis can lead to loss of teeth.

Who treats periodontal diseases?

Even if you have invested money and time in cleaning your teeth, the most certain way to save yourself any complications is to visit the dentist at least twice a year. The specialists at our clinic will consult you how to clean your teeth in home conditions in the best possible way, which cleaning agents are most suitable for you and may check whether your brushing technique is correct. Naturally, during the prophylactic visits the periodontologist will notice even the earliest signs and will take the most adequate measures for its prevention.

Radiography at Estetica dental clinic

Rendering quality dental services is impossible without the help of diagnostic imaging. To offer our patients maximum accuracy and the best results, at Estetica dental clinic we have made sure to provide state-of-the-art equipment. Through quality dental photographs, we determine the most appropriate method of treatment and track the process of recovery.

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